Appidemic: Gravity Guy 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Pull the moon boots out of storage, strap on your jet pack, and get ready to run. Oh, and don’t worry if you crash—Gravity Guy 2 has the clones lined up and ready.

What is it?

Gravity Guy 2 is an endless runner which sets you out across platforms, collecting gems and jumping chasms. The goals of the game are pretty simple: don’t fall down between towers, avoid hazards, and collect as many valuables as possible. The tops of the towers are equipped with a kind of elevator. Actuate the elevators to gain altitude to either reach the top of the next tower, grab some gems, or avoid the nasty, little, floating, shock-you-to-death things (I hate those guys…). If you spot yourself coming in a bit low, you may chose to use your rocket pack boost. But only get this once per platform, so you must chose wisely.

Gravity Guy 2

There are, of course, power ups you can buy with your stash of gems. These include things like making more valuable gems appear more often, increasing your collection radius, reviving you if you fall so you can keep running with your current distance, etc.

Gravity Guy 2

As mentioned in the introduction, the game provides clones of Gravity Guy so you are always you, no matter how many times you crash and burn.

How does it work?

The game play itself is quite simple; the button on the right raises the elevator; the button on the left ignites your rocket pack boost.

Gravity Guy 2

The controls are easy to use and respond quickly, which helps to keep the “Why isn’t that thing moving when I tell it to?” frustration to a minimum. The background music is an easy-to-listen-to techno sound—descent beat, but not annoying or distracting. The graphics are clean and distinct which makes it easier to recognize what new disaster is headed your way. The looks are actually pretty cool without being too busy.

Is it contagious?

Gravity Guy 2 is a descent runner. It isn’t overly complicated and keeps you focused on timing and reacting to the changing “terrain.” The only annoying part of this game is the “rate me” feature which keeps popping up. I would like a “don’t ask again” option, especially since I am going to write a real article about the app anyway. This bit aside, the game is good fun.

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