Codito board games on sale for 99¢

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Codito Development’s games (all of which are published by Sage Board Games) will be on sale this weekend, so board game players can check out some of their new games at a pretty steep discount. Starting May 16th and running through Math 20th, five of the company’s titles will be on sale for only 99¢, which is a substantial savings over their normal prices, ranging from $1.99 to $4.99.

The five games on sale include:

  • Tigris and Euphrates: Recently reviewed on AppleTell, this strategy-based tile game combines civilization building and strategy. Build your empires, engage other players in wars, or foment internal revolts – before other players do the same to you.

Tigris and Euphrates

  • Ra: Moving a little further southwest to ancient Egypt, RA is a tile-collecting game that challenges you to build empires across three ages of Egyptian history. The object is to collect more tiles than your opponent, so you must ensure they don’t build more impressive empires than yours.
  • Medici: Fans of Italy, Medici is for you. This game puts you on the docks of Florence unpacking crates and auctioning off the contents; the goal, obviously, is to collect the most florins for your efforts. Going once, twice, sold (for only 99¢, while the offer lasts!).


  • Le Havre: Vive le shipping empire! Like Medici, this game is also set on the water, but the object here is to build up the holdings of your shipping empire. Manage your employees, make investments in buildings, and buy ships that bring the supplies you trade/sell to make a profit.
  • Tikal: The only title from the New World, Tikal finds you leading archaeological expeditions in the jungles of Guatemala, competing against other explorers to discover both temples and treasure. Stake your claims wisely or your opponents may discover more than you and earn greater notoriety as explorers.

Complex board games really take advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate, and although classic titles are starting to find their way onto the platform, there are some excellent newcomers that definitely deserve consideration. While real life board games are coming back in style, these new digital versions make it even easier to try out a new game, as you can take them with you everywhere, the rule book never gets lost, and neither do any of the pieces. For only 99¢, it certainly can’t hurt to try out a few!

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