Verizon offering select customers $100 iPhone 5 discount

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$100 iPhone 5 discount

Verizon is now reportedly offering select customers up to $100 off on the iPhone 5. The Basking Ridge, New Jersey based carrier did not specify as to why it was offering the discount to some of its customers, while making others pay the fully subsidized $200.00. The carrier confirmed to tech site GottaBeMobile that with the $100 iPhone 5 discount, some Verizon customers will be able to purchase the iPhone 5 at the lowest price offered by a carrier to date. Verizon noted that “basic phone customers are interested in moving to a smartphone and the iPhone 5 is an ideal solution.”

This is most likely an experimental promotion by Verizon to gauge how many customers are buying smartphones—specifically the iPhone—and how many switch over from a basic phone to a smartphone. Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the United States with over 115 million active customers, and was the second carrier after AT&T to receive the iPhone.

As a result, the company will likely continue to offer discounts to its customers to record transitions from basic phones to smartphones. Perhaps, the other leading carriers such as AT&T and Sprint will follow suit and also use this experimental discount to gauge the interests of the customers looking to move to a smartphone.

Via [GottaBeMobile]

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