Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 5 adds 120% battery life without adding bulk

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mophie juice pack plus for iphone 5Mophie has put the word out that its new Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 5 is now available for purchase. This battery life extender—which also doubles as a protective case for your iPhone 5—promises to give 120% extra juice. As a protective case, Mophie says that the Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 5 gives extra cushion from water, tear, drops and slips, all of which we can encounter in our daily use of our beloved iPhone 5.

For those who easily get turned off by the bulk that using a battery extender case adds to your iPhone 5, worry not, folks. Mophie says the Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 5 will not make the iPhone 5 too thick. The case sports a sleek design and even comes in various colors: monochromatic soft touch black, glossy white, and metalic red. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus has been engineered with a shockproof band and anti-scratch guide that buffers the impact of falls. This simply means your iPhone is safe from dents and scratches when inside the Juice Pack Plus.

Aside from the 120% extra battery life, features of the Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 5 include:

  • Lightning Pass Through—Simple lightning pass-through enables users to charge the iPhone 5 and juice pack together with the included micro USB cable
  • Listening Made Easy—With the movement of the headphone jack to the bottom of the device, they’ve included an earphone adaptor to keep on your earphones at all times for convenient listening, anytime, anywhere
  • On Demand Charging—The flip of a switch allows for users to toggle between charging and standby, allowing the user to benefit from the battery when needed
  • LED Battery Indicator—A discreet LED light panel tells you exactly how much “juice” is available in the case at the push of a button, and blinks for 30-seconds when a lightening cable is connected
  • Fast Charge—Charging output has been upgraded from .5A to 1A, delivering a faster charge to your iPhone 5

The Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 5 will set you back $119.95. You can grab one for your iPhone 5 by visiting

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  • Dylan Lott

    Now we just need to make waterproof one with a battery pack as well!

  • Jeff Cotrupe

    GREAT story.

    I liked, ordered, and currently have on the desk the Lenmar Meridian iPhone battery case…most capacity on market, 2,300 mAh, for $89.99…but power and audio button “cutouts” are a pain (sometimes literally), and adjusting anything is now a two-hand process. Meanwhile, as you aptly posted here…Mophie, which up to now had only offered the comparatively-wimply 1,500 mAh Helium for the 5 ($79.95), has now added the Air (1,700 mAh; $99.95) and Plus (2,100 mAh; $119.95). Two reasons the Mophies are more:
    – Mophie cases have finger-friendly pushbuttons for iPhone controls. Lenmar and some others take the cheaper route of manufacturing cases with cutouts, so you have a battery case but have to reach through to the iPhone’s native controls.
    – The Mophies are a more rugged design that’s sleek and rounded end-to-end.

    Just ordered my Mophie JuicePack Plus in white; tweeted and G+’d (?) about it.