Good Gadget’s Glass Guard screen protector for iPhone 5 review

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Do you want to keep your iPhone screen safe from scratches and damage? And why do so many people have iPhones with cracked screens? The Glass Guard screen protector by Good Gadget may be the solution. Good Gadget says the screen is 5x stronger than most plastic protectors, and it’s bubble-free. The tempered glass has optical nano anti-glare coating for a clear, sharper image that doesn’t reflect much in bright conditions. While the surface glides smoother than the glass of the iPhone itself, the touch screen responsiveness is unaffected.

Good Gadget

The bezel of the phone screen comes in black, white, blue, red and pink. There are two types of finishes: the matte finish reduces glare and fingerprints, while the glossy finish allows the vibrant colors of the LCD screen to shine through. Since the portion of the screen protector that has adhesive is colored, it was very easy to apply and took me less than a minute. All you have to do is clean the screen with the provided microfiber cloth, remove the protective layer, and align the Glass Guard to the screen.

The only negatives to the protector are that since the glass is .4mm thick, the home button becomes recessed into the phone, and it may affect the fit of tighter cases.

The removal of Glass Guard is easy and it comes off clean. It can be reused and re-installed multiple times.

If you’re going to spend a large amount of money on your iPhone, you might as well protect your screen from scratches and damages.

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Good Gadget Glass Guard for iPhone 5 review

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  • Since the adhesive is on the bezel area, it’s bubble free unlike plastic film screen protectors.
  • Design is similar to iPhone look, so you can barely tell it’s there.
  • When you use your phone, your face and fingerprints can leave oil on your screen. Good gadget has an oleophobic coating that resists oil.
  • Removal of glass guard is easy and it comes off clean, can be reused and re-installed multiple times.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, three-month warranty against manufacturer defects


  • Guard may affect fit of tighter cases.
  • Although it can withstand a pocketknife blade scratch, keys scratch, and moderate hammer pressure, it doesn’t mean it’s indestructible.
  • Since the glass is .4mm thick, the home button is recessed into phone.
  • Colors on the screen look dimmer/not as bright, but less glare on matte.
  • Doesn’t have as much traction as a piece of glass.

Developer: Good Gadget
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4 or iPhone 5
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

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