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It is way past my bedtime, but I’ve been caught off-guard by an addiction Mosaique. This minimalist puzzle game brings you to another dimension of sands and blocks. It’s a must-have game you’ll definitely be fond of.

What is it?

MosaiqueWinning Blimp LLC’s Mosaique was derived from a traditional puzzle game that features a simple concept; players arrange and clear matching color tiles using different strategies to maintain the shot gauge in order to get to the next level.

How does it work?

Mosaique comes with a minimalist interface and just seven levels of play. If you’re too immersed with Candy Crush’s bright graphics and Bejeweled’s glitz and diamonds, you’ll find Mosaique blunt, yet seemingly there’s a touch of elegance on sand-filled tiles.

Once launched, you’ll be ushered to the first level of the game. You might be intimated by its concepts, but basically, players just need to arrange matching tiles and clear them from the board with much strategizing to power the shot gauge in a topsy-turvy tile game. If you’re having trouble, Mosaique offers nine pages of game options, instructions on how to play, tips and tricks, and more to get you going.

Overall, though, Mosaique is all about hitting the same colored blocks with other blocks while the main swatch fires away until it hits a non-matching color, empty space, or the vacuum tile (which should be avoided) to rack up points until reaching the 7th level.


There are no time limits. Players can play as much as they want, and they have more time to think how to line-up 3 or more matching colors to get more power ups on the shot gauge. Avoid shooting one tile or block of the same color, which causes a decrease on the gauge.

Is it contagious?

Mosaique is a well-designed minimalistic puzzle game that can stir one’s “just one more shot” mentality. It’s quite addictive and contagious.

Nonetheless, it would be nice to integrate social media accounts, allowing players to play with their friends and share highest scores.

The default mode is easy, but I recommend the Expert mode where you can access more challenges instantly.

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