Kickstarter Find: Woodchuck Traveler Series wood and wool iPad sleeve

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What is the Woodchuck Traveler Series?

Woodchuck’s goal is simple—to chuck wood into our digital lifestyles (and not the skeumorphic kind, either). Combining a strident “American jobs” mantra with a goal to bring natural, sustainable products to the world of high technology, Woodchuck’s latest project is a Kickstarter campaign to produce the Traveler iPad and iPad Mini Sleeves (and don’t think you can come up with a woodchuck-could-chuck-wood joke the company hasn’t already used somewhere).

Wood & Wool

Most of Woodchuck’s cases and covers focus on applying a wood veneer look to your iPad, MacBook, or iPhone. The Traveler Case still features wood, but combines that with a soft wool case to provide a sophisticated looking pouch to carry your iPad or iPad Mini.


The company’s Kickstarter campaign reflects a need to raise capital for the purchase of industrial equipment needed to manufacture the cases, which will presumably be done in Minneapolis where the company is headquartered. (While at the Kickstarter site. be sure to check out the video that features not only details of the Traveler series cases, but also backflips, USA shorts, and a wading non sequitur that’s several degrees below freezing.)

Pledging Details

Woodchuck focuses heavily on recycled materials and sustainability, so the pledge gifts should appeal to eco-conscious iDevice users. Starting at just $10, you can get a Woodchuck keychain, while at $25 you get a Woodchuck T-shirt. Pledges at the $40 and $50 levels get a choice of a complimentary iPhone or iPad case respectively (not the Traveler series, though).


Personal pledges between $70 and $200 get a choice of gifts ranging from a single Traveler sleeve to a combination of Traveler and a choice of iPhone/iPad Woodchuck cases, so you can deck your iDevice in wood and then carry it in wood and wool. Corporate backers between $500 and $2,000 get bundles of Traveler sleeves (more sleeves the more you donate), with a company logo branded onto each sleeve. Woodchuck places a strong emphasis on creating jobs in America and sourcing American materials, so this could be a great way for you to get employee or business partner gifts that reflect your company’s values!

Head over to the Traveler Sleeve Kickstarter page for full details. With only 53 backers at press time, the company is short of their $50,000 goal, which needs to be funded by May 29th.

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