Apple named world’s most valuable brand for the third straight year

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Apple logoApple has been dealing with a lot in the last few months, being accused of lacking innovation, CEO Tim Cook going under the leadership microscope, and the company coming under scrutiny for dodging billions in tax payments. Despite this adversity, Apple has once again come out on top. For the third straight year since 2009, Apple has been named the world’s most valuable brand. The rankings are determined by Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ study of brands in the United States.

Apple’s value as a brand increased by only 1% this year, which comes out to about $185 million, up from the $183 million they earned from a year ago. Apple’s 1% brand value increase is still trailing behind Google, whose brand value increased by as much as 5%. Millward Brown noted in its report that the technology sector was flat, but Apple is still seeing some form of positive growth with this honor for three consecutive years. With Apple as number one in terms of brand value, Google, IBM, McDonald’s and Coca Cola follow up very close with their own respective brand growth. Apple has the potential to spin this into positive marketing to sell its products, especially during a time when some customers are not seeing the best side of Apple.

If the Cupertino, California based company continues to be named most valuable brand of the year annually, then Apple will retain its spot as one of the big dogs. This helps them to attract new customers that may be interested in awards that Apple has won in the past, as well as those who are already part of the brand and constantly update their devices. It is not surprising that Apple is the world’s most valuable brand, especially with its extensive user base of both iOS and OS X products, and its focus on detail in both the retail store and outside as well.

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  • Troy

    That’s good for Apple, but I’d really like to see some new ideas from them if they want to keep my interest for much longer. iWatch, anyone?

    • Kaled Ali

      Hi Troy,

      Thanks for your comment. I do agree with you about losing interest, as a lot of customers are feeling that way. Rumors are reports are suggesting that it is very likely an Apple smart watch or iWatch is in the works. Do you think you’ll go out and buy one if Apple introduces one?


  • tony

    Only thing apple does is stop innovation. They sue for everything. Apple sucks.