Pong Research launches Gold Reveal line of anti-radiation iDevice cases

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Worried about radiation from your iPhone or iPad? Pong Research is; their entire lineup of iDevice cases is designed to redirect the energy from your iDevice’s antenna away from your body, making it safer to use. Backed by a team of scientists, the new Gold Reveal features a pretty stunning design in addition to the fancy science, so you can make your iDevice use safer and look good doing it.

Pong Research Gold Reveal

For Science!

If you’re interested in the technical details, head on over to the Pong Science Page, where you can learn about Total Radiated Power and Specific Absorption rate. If science isn’t your thing, the long and short of it is this: cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation to communicate with cell towers, Wi-Fi base stations, Bluetooth devices, etc. While this radiation isn’t proven harmful and is considered safe, it is of concern, especially if you use a wireless device a great deal (the city of San Francisco even tried, unsuccessfully, to make it a requirement for cell phone makers to disclose the amount of radiation users would experience from a particular model).

Whether you’re holding an iPhone to your ear or texting on your iPad, your body absorbs some of this radiation; Pong’s cases are designed to channel that radiation away from the front of the device so you absorb less of it. Unlike some competitor’s cases that merely dampen the signal (and can cause your phone to work harder, thereby emitting even more radiation), the Pong solution doesn’t interfere with your signal. The company’s technology aims to make your phone safer, whether you have specific concerns about cell phone radiation or just want to be extra cautious.

The Big Reveal

The new lineup of cases are called Gold Reveal, because they feature (wait for it)…a revealing hexagonal cutout! Pong’s previous cases featured their proprietary ancillary antenna hidden inside the plastic case, but the new cases feature a hexagonal grid that shows off the golden surface of the antenna through the case; safe is now snazzy looking!

Pong Research Gold Reveal

The Gold Reveal line features two iPhone 5 cases—in your choice of regular ($60) or ruggedized ($70) models— with color choices spanning black, red, white, and teal (on the rugged model). 4th generation iPad and iPad Mini owners have only one color choice: black, and those cases are $130 and $100 respectively.

Owners of other Apple devices, such as the iPhone 3GS or earlier iPad models can get non-Gold Reveal Pong cases as well. Head over to Pong’s online store to see the whole lineup.

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