Apple reportedly adding support for Flickr and Vimeo in iOS 7

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After adding Twitter in iOS 5 and Facebook in iOS 6, Apple is continuing its integration of social networking into iOS. The Cupertino, California based company is reportedly going to expand social media use in iOS by adding support for Flickr and Vimeo in iOS 7. This means users will now be able to upload photos and videos directly from their iOS device without having to go through an individual application. Flickr integration would continue to strengthen the relationship between Yahoo and Apple, which currently uses Yahoo for weather, sports scores, and stock info, and also gives users the option to switch to Yahoo Search.

It is not surprising that Apple is integrating more social networks into its mobile OS and making big changes, as users continue to demand more from the company and its services. Apple’s use of Vimeo is also interesting, mainly because they removed support for Google’s YouTube in iOS 6. This opened up iOS for another video service to become integrated and function on the iPhone out of the box.

At this point, the integration fo Flickr and Vimeo remains a rumor and may not come to frution upon the release of iOS 7. This is because of the constant testing and changes that Apple makes to iOS over the course of several months. It is possible that the two services may not be introduced. Currently, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are accessible via Notification Center on iOS and OS X Mountain LIon meaning that Flickr and Vimeo would operate in the same way.

Via [9to5Mac]

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