Mailbox app now optimized for iPad

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mailbox ipad app

Mailbox—that cool and hip email app which was released for iPhone—has just been updated to support the iPad. Those who have been hooked on the Mailbox app for iPhone app, which is now under the ownership of Dropbox, are sure to be pleased that there’s now an iPad optimized version.

And what exactly do we mean by iPad optimized? Nothing spectacular, really. You’ve probably seen this in other apps which begun their existence on the iPhone and were later on given the iPad treatment; the Mailbox iPad app looks pretty similar to the iPhone app, with some changes made to make the app suited for the bigger iPad screen.

When it comes to features, the Mailbox app for iPad and iPhone are pretty much the same. So far, one different feature of the Mailbox iPad app is the two column format that shows what’s in your inbox on the left side of the screen, and the contents of a highlighted email on the right side of the screen. Other than that, the apps are pretty much identical to each other.

You might want to give Mailbox a spin if you haven’t done so yet. It looks neat and makes reading email on the iPad a bit more exciting.

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