Star Trek Rivals free CCG available for iOS

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Star Trek RivalsHey, remember when card games were played with cards and when video game characters did things? Sorry, what I’m actually trying to say is that Star Trek Rivals, a new collectible card game app, is now available for free as part of the promotional push for Star Trek Into Darkness. Based in the reboot Trek universe, it features over 100 cards based on ships, characters, and monsters.

From the press release:

Ranked from cadet to elite, players will recruit cards for their deck ranging from the troubling Tribble to T. Harewood, and new character Admiral Marcus to the elusive John Harrison, lurking at the heart of the action, and strategically position them in a quadrant to maximize damage to opponents.

Star Trek Rivals features:

  • Easy to learn, difficult to master gameplay
  • Over 100 cards based on characters, aliens, and starships
  • Challenge friends or random rivals in turn-based card battles
  • Earn Federation Credits to buy packs of new cards
  • Collect XP to increase your level and earn gold-pressed Latinum rewards
  • Upgrade cards to stronger “Elite” versions

The game requires iOS 4.3 and is optimized for the iPhone 5. You can download it for free in the app store now, with plenty of in-app purchases in case you’ve got Federation credits burning a hole in your pocket.

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