Apple airs new iPhone TV ad: “Music Every Day”

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iPhone music

On Friday, Apple aired a new TV ad for the iPhone, dubbed “Music Every Day.” The new commercial is part of the new ad campaign by Apple that shows a specific feature from the iPhone and how it is used in the real world. In Music Every Day, Apple shows all of the places that its customers use the iPhone to listen to music in their everyday lives.

Prior to this ad, “Photos Every Day” had the same theme, with customers taking photos in differnet places with their iPhones. Here, customers use their iPhone in places that include the shower, at a club, at the gym, and in the car. This ad campaign appears to be a new route that Apple is taking in which they focus on the iPhone being used in everyday life as opposed to focusing strictly on the technology.

In the past—with older generations of the iPhone—Apple focuses entirely on apps, the speed, or the camera on the phone. It seems that after releasing the iPad, the company learned that customers want to see more sentimental tones in the Apple ads, and they want to see how the iPhone is used in real life. With Apple products, customers are always searching for something they can realte to, and all of the scnarios in these ads are realistic. Apple will likely release more ads similar to these to focus on other features of the iPhone.

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