Ballistic Aspira Series iPhone 5 case review

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One of Ballistic’s most recent iPhone 5 case offerings is the Aspira Series. They’ve given you seven different case designs at $35 each—and to hear Ballistic themselves tell it, these cases literally combine the best of both worlds. “This dual layer series provides the industry leading protection Ballistic built its name on,” the company claims on its website, “and combined it with the fashionable flare consumers want.”

Ballistic Aspira

So that’s the basic idea behind the Ballistic Aspira Series—relatively affordable cases that are both hefty and durable enough to protect your investment while also providing your phone with a uniquely stylish exterior at the same time. Sounds like a pretty bright idea to me.

Ballistic AspiraAfter all, we’ve all seen—or maybe even used—our fair share of rugged but overly bulky Mil-Spec cases that were clearly designed with male users only in mind. And yet it doesn’t take much more than simple common sense to realize a lot of guys out there would probably prefer their highly protective iPhone cases to also be sleek and stylish, and that a lot women would jump at the chance to pick up a case that combines both fashion and function.

In terms of the real-world ability of the Aspira cases to take a beating, I will say these seem to be fairly solid units—and that’s despite the fact that, aesthetically speaking, they were clearly designed with Speck’s ever-popular CandyShell cases in mind.

BallisticLook closely at the photo directly above, for instance, and you’ll see that all four corners have a good bit of reinforced protection—that’s why they look a bit knobby. Made partly of rubber and partly of plastic, the Aspira line also comes complete with shock absorbent TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which means they’re much less likely than those familiar cheap rubber cases to develop annoying cuts and tears.

Another cool bonus is what Ballistic refers to as the “lay-on-table” feature, which basically means your phone’s screen will never touch the surface of a table if it’s laid upon it face-down. I suppose that could come in handy for those of you who don’t care for screen protectors.


You can click here to take a look at all seven of the Ballistic Aspira Series designs. Aside from the two patterned cases shown in the photo at right (the “honeycomb pattern” on the left and the “flower pattern” in the middle), the series includes five non-pattern designs. Shown here is the black/lime case; your other four choices include white/blue, mint/strawberry, raspberry/charcoal, and black/grey.

Both user reviews and professional reviews of the Aspira cases, by the way, seem to be overwhelmingly positive, with two features in particular being alluded to again and again. First, the case’s button covers are especially popular; they work just like they should, and without affecting the physical feeling of the buttons’ clickability. Second, the handy 1.75-inch opening found along the bottom of the case is quite popular—you can see it clearly in the flower pattern model in the photo above. It allows you to use a Lightning to 30-pin adapter without the annoyance of having to remove your phone from the case entirely.

All in all, the Aspira models are a pretty decent deal for someone interested in a case that’s fun and practical at the same time. Personally, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

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Provides: Protection from drops and bumps, fashionista cred
Developer: Ballistic
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $34.99
Availability: Now

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