DeNA announces GI Joe, Dungeons & Dragons mobile games

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Dungeons & Dragons

Fresh off their release of Transformers: Legends, game studio DeNA has announced a licensing deal with Hasbro for two properties you may have heard of if you been conscious for the last 30 years: G.I. Joe and Dungeons & Dragons. The two games will be released for iOS and Android, and feature additional content for those who pre-register for release announcements.

GI Joe BattlegroundG.I. Joe: Battleground features the familiar battle between the Joes and Cobra (The Enemy!), while Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War is set in the Forgotten Realms and features:

…battle roleplaying game that combines questing, character leveling, and small team collaboration with the most engaging mobile game mechanics on the market, such as in-game events and massive multiplayer competitions.

Both games will be free-to-play. If you pre-register for G.I. Joe  you get an exclusive in-game Storm Shadow character. Likewise, pre-register for Arena of War and you’ll get a free “Ultra Rare Power.” So, you’ll have that going for you…which is nice.

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