olloclip launches the olloclip app

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Not content to be just a great 3-in-1 lens attachment for the iPhone and iPod Touch, ōlloclip has just launched a companion app that extends the functionality of your iPhone camera when used with the ōlloclip lenses. As a serious photography tool, the ōlloclip extends the iPhone’s key feature (its ubiquity), and the addition of the free olloclip app really makes a powerful hardware+software combo for photographers.

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The ōlloclip app is designed to be a total replacement for the built-in camera app. To start with, you’ve got Normal and Video modes that, as their names imply, just let you shoot images or video. Neither introduces new features, but they’re available so you don’t have to leave the app to do normal photo/video shots. When you’re shooting with the macro lens, the app offers a digital loupe with magnification of 2x, 2.5x, or 3x, so you can more accurately set the focus on your subject.

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If you’re feeling constrained by the iPhone’s automatic focus/autoexposure settings, the Reticle mode is perfect. It overlays two crosshairs on the image; one controls the iPhone’s autofocus (AF) and the other controls autoexposure (AE). You simply drag each to the point in the image where you want the exposure or focus locked, and this tap-and-drag is honestly an improvement over the iPhone’s tap-and-hold movement for setting AE, as it allows for more precise placement. The reticles can be overlaid on any photo mode.

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Let’s Twist Again

The wide angle and fisheye lenses both add distortions to photos they take. All wide angle tend to introduce some barrel distortion, while the fisheye is explicitly designed to introduce that bubbly/warpy.

Undoubtedly, the coolest feature of the ōlloclip app is the Mesh Editor, which provides a simple control for correcting or enhancing the amount of distortion in your photos. The editor offers a three-button setup for macro, wide, or fisheye distortion, accompanied by a slider that offers more precision. The editor can be used to adjust images you’ve just taken, or applied to existing photos, so you can add a fisheye effect even if you didn’t use the fisheye lens when shooting.

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The ōlloclip app is a free download, and is compatible with iPhone 4 and above or the iPod Touch 5th generation (the same hardware with which the ōlloclip works). If you don’t have an ōlloclip, check out the company’s website or AppleTell’s reviews of the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 models.

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