Sound Pockets Freedom iPhone 5 case review

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sound pockets freedomg iphone 5 case

Up for review is the Freedom iPhone 5 case from Sound Pockets. This is a pretty different case because it includes a nifty caddy for storing the iPhone 5 headphones.

Sound Pockets Freedom iPhone 5 Case – Main Features

According to Sound Pockets, the Freedom iPhone is a patent pending iPhone 5 case. True enough, the idea is pretty new and innovative. I mean, it’s a clever way of coming out with a new iPhone 5 case that could easily be distinguished from the competition. Come to think of it, the case’s uniqueness is just a simple solution to the common problem of iPhone owners, which is the tendency to forget the headphones.

sound pockets freedom iphone 5 case back

The Freedom case comes with a wire holder that you use to neatly tie the cord of your headphones. You can then clip this on to the back of the case. For safekeeping, a hard polycarbonate plastic serves as cover with a clip-on lock. This ensures that the headphones tied up to cord holder will not fall off the case.

Sound Pockets Freedom iPhone 5 Case – Other features

The Sound Pockets Freedom iPhone 5 case also functions as a kickstand for a hands-free, comfortable viewing angle for your iPhone 5. It is also compatible with all models of the Apple OEM iPhone headphones, including the Ear Buds, EarPods and In-Ear Headphones. It has two spools that are compatible with the Apple EarPods and the Apple In-Ear Headphones. You wrap the earphones into this spool and then snap them securely at the back panel of the case before closing the plastic cover.

sound pockets freedom iphone 5 case side view

One thing you’ll appreciate about the Freedom iPhone 5 case is the fact that the bulky compartment at the back will not bother you at all. At first, I thought there’s no way I’m going to use a case like this. But surprisingly, I didn’t mind the bulky compartment at all. It slips well into my jeans pocket, and the case does not make the iPhone heavier.

When it comes to aesthetics, the Sound Pockets may not be the best looking amongst the iPhone 5 cases I’ve used, but that’s a fair tradeoff for the functionality.

sound pockets freedom iphone 5 case review open

Final Words

The Sound Pockets Freedom iPhone 5 will not appeal to all iPhone 5 owners; minimalists will probably shy away. But I suggest you give the Sound Pockets iPhone 5 case a chance. You might like it, especially if you value functionality over aesthetics.

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Provides: Protection from drops and bumps, carry-along storage for iPhone headphones
Developer: Sound Pockets
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $39.95
Availability: Pre-0rder

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