indiePub honors Capsized sale with a Capsized+ sale

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Capsized +

The desktop version of indiePub Entertainment’s Capsized is included in the current Humble Bundle 8 sale. As they would put it, they’re pretty “stoked” about this, and have to decided to share the low-cost love iPad gamers. Through June 12th, Capsized+ has been reduced from $2.99 to $0.99 in the App Store.

Their press release for the sale has plenty of glowing reviews of Capsized+, but I know you don’t care what we critics think, even when we use phrases such as “unflinchingly unique,” “intellectual adventurous” and “retro sensibility.” So, let’s just get straight to the official description.

You are a marooned space traveler whose ship has crash landed on a mysterious alien planet and must navigate through beautiful but perilous environments while fighting bloodthirsty creatures to save your crewmates and escape with your lives.

Use a grappling hook, jet pack, high-tech weapons and awesome powerups—create friggin’ black holes!—to fight through non-linear levels set in explorable, hostile environments.

Capsized+ for iPad features an adventure mode, three arcade modes, and Game Center achievements. In-app purchases are available, should you need them. Good idea to pick up the game now, then put those savings towards a Currency Fabricator, right?

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