iWalk Easy Wear i5 case for iPhone 5 review

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iWalk Easy Wear i5

The Easy Wear i5 is the third iWalk case I’ve tried out over the past couple of months—having also reviewed the iWalk See-through and  the iWalk Mirror Shield—and this is the best of the three. It likely won’t last you very long time, but it’s priced accordingly and looks pretty sharp for as long as you can take care of it.

iWalk Easy Wear i5From a distance, the Easy Wear i5 looks like a standard bumper case. The plastic edges have a faux-chrome look to them, available in light blue, gray, dark blue, a rusty red, and pink. However, the Easy Wear i5 also has a clear plastic back, protecting the back of your iPhone 5 from scratches and scuffs, whereas most bumper cases don’t. It’s a nice touch, but it has its drawbacks. Fingerprints will show up quite clearly, so you’ll have to wipe it off frequently. And if the case itself gets scuffed up, you’ll just have to deal with that as the plastic cannot be replaced. Better that than your phone, though.

iWalk also deserves some extra design points for including small ridges on the corners of the back plastic, which keeps it up off of surfaces. In other words, you won’t scratch up the back simply by placing it on a desk.

iWalk Easy Wear i5

Getting your phone in and out of the Easy Wear i5 is a simple matter of flipping open the top portion, which is hinged on the camera side of the phone. You then slide in your iPhone 5, then latch it shut. Very easy.

iWalk Easy Wear i5

I was mostly pleased with how responsive the exterior power switch and volume buttons are, but the mute switch is difficult to reach, and there’s no way you’ll be using a 30-pin dock adapter with this case; only the Lightning cable will fit through the opening at the bottom.

iWalk Easy Wear i5

As I mentioned earlier, the Easy Wear i5 looks better than it feels. The metallic chrome-like finish is nice, but you’re well aware it’s all just plastic when holding it. At only $20.00, though, that shouldn’t be a main concern. iWalk has created a decent case here that will protect your iPhone from scratches and keep it safe inside a purse or backpack. Just be aware that the rougher you treat your iPhone, the more quickly you’re going to need to another case that doesn’t show its age.

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iWalk Easy Wear i5 case for iPhone 5 review

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Product: iWalk Easy Wear i5 iPhone case
 Scratch/scuff protection for iPhone 5
Developer: iWalk USA
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $19.99
Availability: Now

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