Amazon Indie Game Store holding OS X and Windows games sale

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Amazon Indie store storeAmazon now has an Indie Games Store that makes it easy to purchase your favorite indie games and discover new titles for OS X and Windows. With nearly 400 games from 100 developers, there’s bound to be one that tickles your fancy.

To celebrate its grand opening, Amazon is having sales of up to 75% on over 200 games until June 23rd. Some of the sales include 50% off FTL: Faster Than Light for $4.99, 20% off Don’t Starve for $11.99, and 50% off Stealth Bastard Deluxe: The Teleporter Chambers for $1.49, among many others.

You also get a free game with any purchase until July 17th, with new ones available every five days. Until June 10th you’ll get Dynasty of Dusk, Huntsman: The Orphanage, and the The Curse of Nordic Cove for free. If you don’t like those games, then check back on June 11th when new ones will be offered.

If you can’t pick which game to buy, you can select one of the many bundles for $9.99 each, with 100% of the profits being given to the developers. Bundles include the Cavern of Fire Zero Pack, Indie 10-Game Action Pack, and Floodageddon of Indie Games.

Head on over to the Amazon Indie Games Store to start saving money.

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