Woodchuck Limitless Series iPhone 5 case review

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There are iPhone cases made of aluminum, there are iPhone cases made of wood, and there are iPhone cases made of plastic. It’s rare that you find one made of all three, but that’s exactly what you get with Woodchuck’s Limitless Case Series for iPhone 5. One part reconstituted rosewood, one part recycled plastic, and one part recycled aluminum, the Limitless Case offers attractive protection with a custom engraving option, to boot.

Woodchuck Limitless Series iPhone 5 Case

Of course, it’s the wood that gets all the attention. Attached to the plastic, it covers the edges, top and back of your iPhone. It doesn’t sit above the plastic, however, it sits flush in the frame, creating smooth lines that make the case quite comfortable to hold. The wood is laser cut and hand sanded, so you get a great fit and nice texture. There’s even a $20 option to have the wood custom engraved in color (pictured above) or a simpler black, burned-in look.

Your phone is held in place with an aluminum frame that you screw into the plastic corners. I’m not a fan of having to use tools to get my iPhone out of the case, but at least there’s nothing fancy here; these are simple philips head screws, and a screwdriver is included with the case. The test unit provided to us by Woodchuck featured a black aluminum frame that worked nicely with the black plastic, although a ding in the top left corner did scrape some of the black finish from the aluminum. Better that the iPhone, but you’ll still want to be careful to preserver the appearance of the case. The frame rises a bit above the screen to keep it away from surfaces, and will work with screen protectors, although one is not included.

Woodchuck Limitless Series iPhone 5 Case

The fit of the Limitless Series case was very good, with a wide opening for the mute switch and an open bottom that easily accommodates your headphones and a Lightning port adapter. The volume buttons and power buttons are both covered by wood that isn’t fully attached to the frame, allowing you press them in. This worked fine for the volume buttons, but I found I had to press the power button much harder than normal in order to get a response.

Woodchuck Limitless Series iPhone 5 Case

Woodchuck’s Limitless Series case is a great option for those seeking unique, solid protection for their iPhone 5. It does add some bulk, but that’s expected of protective cases. I don’t like the need for a screwdriver to remove the case, but with the outstanding design and ability to accommodate the Lightning adapter, at least you won’t need to very often.

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Woodchuck Limitless Series iPhone 5 case review

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Provides: Protection from scratches/scuffs and damage caused by drops
Developer: Woodchuck
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $79.99 ($99.99 with custom engraving)
Availability: Now

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  • WoodChucker

    Too bad it reduces your signal quality as well.

    • Kirk Hiner

      Although I’ve had the problem with 100% aluminum cases, it wasn’t an issue with me and the Limitless.