iVisor XT for iPhone 5 screen protector review

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iVisor XT iPhone for 5 screen protector

Screen protectors are a mixed blessing. On one hand, they protect your iPhone’s screen, and that’s a very important thing, considering how many times you’ll be interacting with it for at least two years. On the other hand, bubbles, dust, misalignment, and more can make those interactions less pleasurable. Moshi’s iVisor XT for iPhone 5 screen protector makes this blessing decidedly less mixed.

iVisor XT iPhone for 5 screen protectorThat’s my awkward way of saying if your iPhone 5 case came with screen protection, you should still check out the iVisor XT. Let’s break down the reasons, shall we?

  1. Easy Installation. The iVisor XT isn’t a floppy sheet of clear adhesive. It’s hard, but bendable, with no adhesive on the screen portion itself. Rather, the iVisor XT is held in place by a polymer-based adhesive frame that fits over the bezel of your iPhone. The rigidity makes it easy to align and apply, with no liquid solutions or squeegees necessary. Honestly, I had a harder time opening the package than I did applying the iVisor.
  2. Bubble-free. With nothing to stick to your iPhone’s screen, you don’t have to worry about portions not sticking to your iPhone screen.
  3. Easy to Remove and Clean. If wiping the iVisor with a microfiber cloth (included) or a heavy duty screen cleaner doesn’t do the trick, you can easily remove it, wash it with a mild detergent and water, let it dry, and reapply and unlimited number of times.

Those are the main selling points, but it’s also worth noting that the iVisor XT provides excellent touch sensitivity with what Moshi calls its MicroGrid technology. The surface does provide a bit more friction than the iPhone glass itself, but this either went away with time or I just got used to it.

The one drawback is that the iVisor is slightly thicker than some other screen protectors, which could interfere with your case, depending upon how it hugs your iPhone’s screen. If not, the only issue here is that you’ll feel the iVisor every time you hit your iPhone’s home button.

Moshi also offers the anti-glare iVisor AG model, but the iVisor XT is designed specifically to allow the clarity of the iPhone’s Retina display to shine through. Both models offer black and white options to match the color of your iPhone 5, so that all comes down to preference and where/how you mostly use your phone.

So, which iVisor you get is subjective. Whether you should have an iVisor is not. $25.00 for something you may have picked up for free with your iPhone case may seem unnecessary, but considering its longevity and the money it can save you by keeping your screen scratch-free (think resale value), it’s pretty much a no-brainer investment.

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iVisor XT for iPhone 5 screen protector review

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Provides: iPhone 5 screen protection
Developer: Moshi
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5 (also available for iPhone 4/4S)
Price: $24.95
Availability: Now

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