Apple puts up OS X and iOS 7 banners for WWDC 2013

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Apple’s WWDC 2013 event is set to kick off early this Monday at 10:00am with one of the company’s widely popular keynotes. During this keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook and several other executives will introduce the next major releases of iOS and OS X. iOS 7 in particular is expected to be very simple and minimalist, with Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple’s SVP of Industrial Design, leading the redesign.

In preparation for the event, Apple began to dress up Moscone West (where the event will be held) with signs and banners describing the products to be released. Images of the banners being put up at Moscone West were posted online early Friday.

The first banner that was put up has a very minimalist design with a large 7 in the middle. The banner has a white background with some light stripes running through it, and the large 7 consists of the colors blue and fuchsia. These solid colors are very important as they represent what the actual OS will look like, with solid colors replacing much of the skeumorphic designs in the current iOS 6.

iOS 7

As for OS X, the banner is the same size and shape as the iOS 7 one but shows an image of a wave as opposed to a white background with stripes.

OS X banner

Across the middle of this wave, it reads “OS X”. Though the image of the iOS 7 banner was posted by MacStories and the OS X one by 9to5Mac, both of the banners were hung around the same time and seem to mark the completion of the Moscone West preparation as it has in the past. Apple will now begin preparing for the droves of developers arriving on Monday and for the release of these OS refreshes.


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