WWDC 2013: Apple Design Awards show 11 apps

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WWDC 2013 Apple Design AwardsApple has announced the 11 winners of its Apple Design Awards at WWDC 2013 that range from games to utilities, on both iOS and OS X.

  • WWF Together (iPad) — WWF Together is an exquisite iPad app that lets you experience the world’s most amazing animals by bringing you closer to the stories of giant pandas, tigers, polar bears, and many other fascinating endangered species.
  • Procreate (iPad) — Procreate is a complete art studio at your fingertips, exclusive to iPad. It’s packed with features that artists love — from true-to-life sets of pencils, inks, and brushes, to advanced layer compositing, to unique digital tools.
  • Badland (iPhone and iPad) — Badland is a luscious, sidescrolling atmospheric action adventure platformer taking place in a seemingly idyllic forest.
  • Yahoo! Weather (iPhone and iPad) — This highly-rated app displays weather details with stunning photography based on time of day, location, and current conditions.
  • Letterpress (iPhone and iPad) — A deceptively simple, yet highly addictive game by atebits that’s a perfect blend of fun and strategy.
  • Ridiculous Fishing (iPhone and iPad) — A never-ending infinite arcade world about fishing with weapons, chainsaws, and toasters.
  • Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders (iPhone and iPad, Mac) — A World War II arcade-style combat game in which players participate in dogfights, protect fleets of ships, and attack enemy bases.
  • Coda 2 (Mac) — It supports development in Action Script, ASP, CFML, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python Ruby, Smarty and SQL.
  • Evernote (iPhone and iPad, Mac) — The popular note-taking and archiving service that helps you to remember everything and anything that happens in your life.
  • Finish. (iPhone) — A streamlined task manager which uses gestures to help people organize their to-do’s into short, mid, and long-term tasks quickly and easily.
  • (iPhone and iPad) — Magically creates a gorgeous photo mosaic across two or more iOS device screens with a simple swipe of a finger.

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