Apple announces a beautifully redesigned iOS 7

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iOS 7 on an iPhone

At today’s WWDC 2013 keynote, Apple unveiled an entirely redesigned iOS 7 with brand new stock app icons. iOS 7 was rumored to be redesigned with reduced skeumorphism, instead going with flatter, more minimalistic icons. The home screen is entirely redesigned and appears to be more simplified. In a video during the keynote, Sir Jonathan Ive mentioned that iOS 7 is about “bringing order to complexity” and Tim Cook mentioned that this was the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone.

The redesign was leaked several weeks ago and appears to be changed from the leaked image. Apple has added a range of new colors to make the OS itself pop out. All of the stock iOS apps appear to be changed, with very few of iOS 6 design elements remaining. Apple has also added a feature that allows the home screen to shift with the movement of the device. With this iOS 7 redesign, Apple is trying to go in the way of a new design direction and is trying to compete with other smartphone operating systems such as Android that have taken some of the market.

Some of the other design changes include a redesigned lock screen, where the Slide To Unlock feature has disappeared. Apps have also been updated, including Weather, Calendar, Mail, Phone, and even Game Center. Skeumorphism is nowhere to be seen, and that shows just how serious Apple was about a redesign. Apple has completely redone its iOS experience, and developers seemed to agree with this change as they gave a standing ovation to the new update during the conference.

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Image Credit: The Verge

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