Apple’s attention to detail with icons, wallpaper, and multitasking will help iOS 7 succeed

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iOS 7

Apple’s new iOS 7 has been completely revamped with a long list of new features and a variety of UI changes. The reason why Apple’s iOS in the original iPhone was so popular was because of its attention to detail. When the original iPhone was released, there was not a single phone out there that focused on rubber-banding effects when scrolling, how a phone call was picked up, how to search a restaurant, and even how to take a picture properly. However, the iPhone seemed to focus on all of this and gave users little UI elements—such as a song bouncing into the downloads tray—that made using the device a delight.

As the years went on and Apple released new iPhone models and new iOS updates to go along with it, it seemed that they lost some of this detail. As a result, customers began to feel that iOS was becoming stale and needed an overhaul. In iOS 7, Apple did just that and focused entirely on reworking the OS from the ground up. They’ve added key details in select categories such as the icons of apps, the background wallpaper, and multitasking.

Let’s break it down.


Apple’s icons in previous versions of iOS were just small images on a home screen. These icons take up so much space, and they’re first thing users see when they turn on their iPhone. In iOS 7, Apple has animated some apps, such as the live Clock app which now shows the real time as it would be on a clock. Apple has allowed for a live second hand on the clock so users can look at the local time directly on the app if they wish.

Another app icon change was done on the Newsstand app; the icon no longer displays what magazines or newspapers are inside. This is likely because the Newsstand app can now be put into a folder with any other app.


In iOS 7, Apple also focused on the background wallpaper. The wallpaper is now “live,” with the included wallpapers moving with the movement of the device. When users move the iPhone around, the wallpaper appears to be active. While this isn’t huge and has been seen on other smartphones in the market, it is definitely a first for the iPhone. The background on the iPhone has been stationary since its release and added to some of the “staleness” that customers were referring to.


In this update, Apple has reworked the multitasking feature on iPhone. Instead of retaining the same multitasking tray underneath the home screen, Apple has added in a new card style multitasking. It operates very similar to the card multitasking seen in the Palm Pre line of phones. When users want to close an app, all they have to do is flick up and move the screen out of view. It also gives snapshots of what is being viewed inside the app, a feature that can be very useful when doing lots of tasks. Multitasking now also works in landscape mode.

Apple has once again realized that paying attention to details is what will make the iPhone reign supreme. This is why Tim Cook called iOS 7, “The biggest change to iOS since the iPhone.” If Apple contunies to focus on these details in future OS updates, then they will make iOS users happy.

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  • Raymond O ‘Haire

    Far to little .far to late ,and way to expensive .I have gone to android and I ain’t coming back