iPhone rumors continue as announcement of the next iPhone approaches

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apple iphone rumours

Today is definitely Apple iPhone rumors day. None other than Reuters is reporting that Apple is looking into the possibility of launching several new iPhones next year, some of which will have have bigger screens while some will be cheaper models of the iPhone 5 in varying colours. Reuters cites four people “with knowledge of the matter,” stating the plan is Apple’s way of competing against its fiercest rival: Samsung.

Yes, Apple is now feeling the pressure of Samsung’s presence in the mobile market space. Thanks to the popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy Note and floods of high-end, more advanced smartphones in varying prices, Samsung has now overtaken Apple in market share. Apple feels this. As such, the alleged plan to counter-attack Samsung is with their own “iPhablet” and cheaper iPhone in more enticing colors.

Making the report even more exciting is the specific mentioned of the 4.7-inch screen and 5.7-inch screen iPhones that Apple is apparently considering launching. Sources for this also seems credible, coming from supply chain in Asia. According to Reuters, suppliers have been approached by Apple with its plans for iPhones with a larger screen.

So, will Apple release a 4.7-inch iPhone? Will Apple go against Steve Jobs’s decision not to make a device which is neither a tablet nor a smartphone such as the Galaxy Note? In all honesty, the cheaper variants of the iPhone which are also being rumoured seem to have a higher possibility of materializing. If Apple wants to beat Samsung, it has to make the iPhone more affordable for more mobile consumers. Coming up with cheaper iPhone in various colours is also a plus factor. Your thoughts?

Via [Reuters]

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    My comment is this: are you and all of the other bloggers out there aware of how insanely annoying it is to the reader when you
    1. Title an article with “what are your thoughts”
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    If I want to tell you my thoughts, I will. I will comment in the appropriate place, or tweet or Facebook. I do not need you to prompt me with an incredibly rhetorical and obtuse question while I am trying to enjoy a reading experience and think about the content.

    If you want metrics on the popularity of your blog, learn how to use analytics software: lots of it is free. If you want/need organic comments to drive ad revenue, then try writing content that isn’t blindingly vanilla: maybe then people will actually WANT to comment without prompting. Or based on sheer annoyance.