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Keep moving, because it’s time to save your city against the Dragon crime family. You are indeed invincible, especially if you hook up with these two heroes. Ryan and Slash have what it takes with their insane martial arts moves. Step in their shoes, and kick and beat those bad guys like never before with the secret combos.

What is it?

Dragon Nest Studio brings us the Ultimate Stick Fight. More than the combat and martial moves you know, this game comes with an assortment of challenging combos, twists and turns, endless chases and fights against bad guys.

Ultimate Stick Fight

“Embrace the soul of the great warrior to stick it to ’em and save your city!” as written in the game’s description.

It’s not a game for the faint-hearted ones. Join Ryan and/or Slash and master the 20 fight moves and style. As you wish, you can play as Ryan, known for his sword, or Slash, for his bare sticks.

How’s does it work?

Once launched, the app lets you choose which hero to play with.Each player has 20 fighting moves and style you can master.

If you’re a fan of old Street Fighter and other action-adventure console games, you can master the controls faster: punch, kick, jiggle, slide, spin and more. Combine these moves and you’ll be surprised with the results of the attack. You’ll lose your energy and die quickly if you don’t tap the controls as fast as you can.

Ultimate Stick Fight

Aside from the incredible combo moves, you can pick up certain objects like booths, boxes, and dumpsters. Throw them to your enemies, which grants you a bunch of coins, points and stars needed for power-ups and upgrades for each level.

The game has three levels of difficulty to test your mastery of the martial moves. It features 40 stages in 8 environments and animations to make it more exciting.

Is it contagious?

I’ve been playing with it for days now and I am beating those bad guys to get the highest score and acquire more coins for power-ups. Indeed, it’s contagious and worth playing. Ultimate Stick Fight has intuitive help popups that guide new users on what to do next, what controls to tap, and what other options are on the game board. The walk-through pop-ups are functional for newbies.

Hopefully the developers will roll out an iPad version in HD. As of now, it’s available for iPhone and iPod touch and optimized for iPhone 5. But of course, you can also play it using your iPad (in small resolution).

Ultimate Stick Fight is just contagious, but an addictive, entertaining and exciting game that deserves two-thumbs up. It’s available on App Store for $0.99 only.

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