Apple isn’t lacking innovation, it’s transitioning to a new future

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Apple future Tim Cook

Apple has been undergoing a lot of changes over the last two years, and a lot of people appear to be forgetting that Tim Cook only recently took over. Steve Jobs was the man who brought Apple to its current state of success, and he hand picked Cook to take over after he passed away. Jobs obviously felt Cook knows what he is doing and isn’t just another CEO reeled in from a soda company.

Even so, Apple has been under much scrutiny over the past several months, with consumers as well as competitors claiming the company is lacking innovation. That belief has put Cook under fire and for some time, and it looked as though the Apple stock would never stop falling.

But the truth of the matter is that Apple isn’t lacking innovation at all, but is transitioning. The company has taken a lot of hits, including the death of Jobs, the ousting of iOS chief Scott Forstall, and the coming and going of two different retail chiefs. After the death of Steve Jobs, the company likely began to realize that some of the products that were left to introduce—such as the iPhone 5 and iPad mini—would be a great way to buy some time while they transitioned and began to focus on new product lines.

Apple’s rumored iWatch and television set will likely make an appearance very soon. The company is also rumored to be introducing a low-cost iPhone, as well as an entirely redesigned iPhone 5S. These all new products are likely in the works now, but Apple is using the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini to continue offering customers new refreshes until new product lines are ready for announcement. It is very obvious that this isn’t working the way the company might have imagined it to, as consumers are beginning to wonder why Tim Cook’s Apple has yet to churn out any revolutionary announcements of its own.

Steve Job’s shoes are very hard to fill. By appearing in front of the public and showing his management style, Cook is attempting to prove to the public that he has what it takes. As a matter of fact, the WWDC 2013 keynote was the start to a new future of Apple. This new future is one that shows a stark difference from Steve Job’s tenure at the company. For example, Cook and his team of executives have completely redesigned iOS to the point where it looks nothing like it did when Jobs first introduced the iPhone. Cook has also introduced a radically redesigned Mac Pro line that looks different from any Mac that Apple has released in the last decade.

Of course, Cook had help from the very same crew that Steve Jobs had close at hand, including Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi, Greg Joswiak, and most importantly, Sir Jonathan Ive. Cook and Ive have begun a new revolution at Apple, and it all started with iOS 7. They will likely continue this change by introducing new iPhones and iPads later this year and perhaps other revolutionary products down the road.

It’s my belief Apple is transitioning to something as big as the beginning of Steve Jobs’ second tenure at Apple. Cook and Ive are at the helm of a glorious change at Apple, and they are steering towards a very bright and innovative future.

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  • Junior808

    I would bet that Ali has an Apple tramp stamp on his lower back.

  • Boruwa Silva

    The failure of Apple can be attributed to this page at
    of senior mangers! No minority, no female, bunch of guys that no body knows what contribution they are making to the company. Now look at this progressive company:

    Get the picture?

    Apple is going down exactly the way it did last time Steve Jobs left the company. When Steve Jobs came back and looked at the Apple HQ building and said I hate this building with “Pinheads”. That explains things!

  • Danny

    iWatch and iTV are innovations? If the world filled up with more people like you, in 50 years people would be paying $50/liter for iWater.

    Thanks, you provided me with a chuckle 😀

  • Richard

    So let me get this straight, the argument that Apple isn’t lacking innovation is being based on and backed by telling everyone that all Apple is doing is refreshing current devices, potentially offering cheaper devices and not releasing anything new….Am I missing something here? That by nature is the entire LACK of INNOVATION argument.

    Apple may be transitioning to something new, but they aren’t showing any signs of it. They are showing signs of complacency.

  • Joe

    im sorry but the future passed apple a long time ago. really an iwatch and tv? ever heard of Sony MN2SW Bluetooth Enabled SmartWatch and Google TV? at this point in age they are behind and will stay that way. they have not made an innovating device in a while. what i find funny is that all these things have been out for a while and no one is WOWED about them, same goes with there new OS, iOS 7 Android has had all these features and everyone was trashing that OS. but when apple does the same thing that has been around for ages everyone is WOWED and AWED which i find pathetic.

  • Sarah M

    IOS7 (Apples’s future) is every other smartphone’s past. A pretty lame attempt for Apple trying to catch up.

  • Jane Barnes

    I believe Apple is going to do astonishing things, combining media, reworking that dinasaur TV to real interactive stuff. As a senior at 69 I get (because I’m on social security) an Assurance cell, which hardly makes a call let alone all the juicy stuff the iPhone5 has; the iPad, etc. I have a MacBook and I wouldn’t go near another kind of computer. Apple should put on these phones ways to compare medical procedures, especially the chronic stuff. I have an MA, am a published poet, and when I was righto ut of college got a job at MIT working on the Arpa network. I wrote programmers’ manuals for Multics. Was Jane Hart then, but google can find me. Housing issues, medical and mental health issues, recovery, places to live, selling a house, etc. If you get SS or have disability, then you could get a Pippin (isn’t that a small appple?) and so could others with disabilities. I wish I worked at Apple. In a way I do, since I write all day on a Mac.

  • Ratna

    I really do believe, we have some people who would buy iWater for $50, just like they buy $600 laptop for $1200 apple :). Just see an apple :)

  • Jordan

    Innovation? No, IBM and Google are doing the actual innovation. The kind of innovation that brings benefit to humanity. I don’t see quantum computing, advanced supercomputers like Watson, self driving cars or wifi being delivered via balloons coming from apple. Whens the last time Apple animated something using atoms?

    The Mac Pro is nothing impressive. I can build a cylindrical workstation with a thermal core and PCI-connected SSDs in my garage. Also Samsung is about to own Apple’s retina displays with its own high dpi monitors.

  • CurbCrab

    Pricing’s going to be Apple’s latest innovation….

  • scottslc

    Keep telling yourself this drivel if it helps u sleep better… New flatter icons, a cheaper iphone, more copying from android (funny how when people copy apple, apple sues but when apple copies android it’s innovation)

    Viva la revolution! (guns popping in air, wild screams)

  • Debby

    Apple, you had a great idea in 2007… far ahead of your time.. but you’ve been losing ground ever since. I just can’t wait YEARS for you to offer a Verizon iphone… and then YEARS longer to enable simple multitasking… and then YEARS more for a decent screen size.

    I can already get all that elsewhere. (And long before Apple offers it.) If you really want to make an amazing 2013 iphone…. offer something than no other company in the world will produce until 2016.

    You can’t. You lost your edge. You lost your way. Very sad to see you go.

    I was (past tense) your biggest fan.

  • Fill

    I had to smile when I saw the new Mac Pro. It’s fantastic to see Apple isn’t just sitting on their laurels. I think we’ll see some cool new things in the future. Remember, Jobs said it isn’t worth releasing until it is perfect.

  • StretcherBearer

    A new Future of Garbage can desktops. Cylinders are thinking out of the box, but not thinking that It’s one of the worst space wasting shapes. They’re trying to regain their Pro Media base. Yes the iOS has made some impressive inroads, although as a multimedia content producer, I can’t really see the use for such things. As for changing the Mac Pro, they just kinda left the travelling/touring people who use special rack mount cases to protect and house the Mac pro they use at venues, by using a useless shape. an iWatch? I’m sure it’ll cost about as much as a decent Real watch say a Bulova, I don’t need a Multimedia Timepiece. Apple’s biggest flaw is their closed system. I’ve never used an Apple OS, because I refuse to go to be patronized at the Apple stores, just to even see if I like the things, and comparatively spec wise, I can get more power for less money, and more content for creation.I’ve always thought that they should license their OS to those companies who could use their supposedly superior OS to make Legit Hackintoshes, even cripple them or change them up so they’re not the same as if you buy into the supposed tight ecosystem of the hardware. I’ve just never seen where their pricing-and this includes my albums for sale though iTunes, which I encourage people NOT to buy a crap format for more than I sell my physical CD’s for.Their Cult like atmosphere is really off putting.

  • the Rigorous

    Thank you, Ali!
    I really see the point you exclaimed in your short article. It is all true.

    And also it is truly sad, that 95% of commenters here say such rude things, and that they are attached so much to little things. And it is sad that they can’t even read properly your article title.

    I wish people in their masses could cherish the things that other people do (as Jane Barnes here does), and could see the world not their eyes wide shut, but open.

  • scottslc

    like imap?

  • TMan

    What everyone is forgetting is that Apple doesn’t do things to do them first, anyone can put any old feature on a phone and advertise it but if it doesn’t work the way it is advertised or used frequently or if it’s appealing to the eye or compliments the rest of the phone. Phones like the Galaxy, not knocking Samsung I’m sure it is a great phone, but alot of the features they packed into it, how many of those does anyone use on a regular basis. Swiping your hand over your phone to turn a page is a cool feature as well as looking away from the screen to pause a video, however these features weren’t perfected, they are shut off from the ugly control center Apple “copied” from. iOS 7 is a perfect refresh of what Apple consumers needed, excepted wanted, providing something completely new in a short period of time, perfecting features that people needed to take their user experience to another level. By the sounds of you could tell I love apple, and I do, FaceTime has helped me stay in contact with my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s and dementia so actually being able to see her quickly and easily enriches my life, AirPlay with Apple TV to the average person who doesn’t have a smart tv, being able to stream videos off of YouTube from my phone if I wanted to show a large scale of people, stream music or rent movies is something all at the touch on my iPhone, iPad etc. whenever I show people Apple TV they are always surprised and intrigued I can control it with my phone and do a number of different things, not once have I asked an android user “wow! That’s cool how do you do that?” But our lives our impacted in different ways, and as far as Apple and iOS go they have started on a path of perfection and innovation that has been long awaited and well worth the wait

  • Gee Deezy

    “Apple isn’t lacking innovation, it’s transitioning to a new future” — if true, it is the lowest, dullest, most painful, transition I have ever sat through.