Is this the iPhone 5S logic board?

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This morning, an image of a logic board—believed to be a part from the rumored iPhone 5S—surfaced online. The logic board in the image looks very similar to the one included in the current iPhone 5, but appears to be much narrower at the end.

The images were initially published by Japanese site Macotakara and show the logic boards in great detail. The chip is believed to be using an A series chip the same size as the current A6 chip in the iPhone 5. Apple is likely focusing on changing the internal components of the iPhone 5S, including some rumored changes such as the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor, or an upgraded processor or camera.

Though these images don’t really reveal much about the existence of an  iPhone 5S, other images of an iPhone display, released later in the day, reveal that the logic board may be a genuine piece. The images of the purported iPhone 5S display were posted by repair firm, iHeart Repair. These images show a display assembly, with flex cables that correspond directly to those seen in the images of the leaked logic board. In comparison to the iPhone 5—which houses the two flex cables horizontally and on top of each other—the new display assembly has one vertical flex cable connector and one horizontal.

If these images are genuine, it can be assumed that Apple’s iPhone 5S will adopt the same design of the iPhone 5 and may contain upgraded internals based on these images. However, the iPhone 5S is expected to be the first “S” model that will witness a redesign. The Cupertino company is also expected to release a low-cost iPhone for emerging markets.

As the expected September announcement timeframe approaches, there will most likely be more part leaks and images of the device’s design. As always, we’ll cover those that we feel could be legit, and ignore everything else.

Via [MacRumors]


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