Kavaj Dallas case for iPhone 5 review

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Overuse of words like “premium” and “luxury” has reached epic proportions, so it seems a disservice to apply either to Kavaj’s Dallas case. Instead I’ll borrow the words Kavaj uses on their website: Gorgeous. High Style. Elegant. In a market where the flimsiest plastic case gets a premium moniker, Kavaj’s understated claims stand out just as much as their genuinely beautiful Dallas case.

Kavaj Dallas Case

With the supple look of a leather couch from the finest country club and a handy blend of convenience and slimness, the Dallas offers great protection that’s beautiful and functional. It manages to look better than cases from established luxury brands, and drew several compliments/comments during my review period.

The Touch

It may sound odd, but leather is supposed to have a good smell. Colognes, perfumes, and wine all use leather as a fragrance description, so it’s disturbing to find so many iDevice accessories that are purportedly made of leather but smell like a petrochemical factory. Not so with Kavaj’s Dallas, which has the earthy undertones of a tack shop or frontier general store; this is a case that delights more than one sense.

The stitching  feels expertly done, while the leather itself is a deep cognac brown with slight surface imperfections that let you know it’s real leather and not plastic. Holding a Dallas-covered iPhone is just as much of a sensory experience as holding a regular iPhone, with the added peace of mind that your phone has some protection from light impacts and scratches.

The Utility

The Dallas is a portfolio-style flip case. There is a pocket into which you insert your iPhone, and a tab that folds under to hold it in place on all four sides. A flap covers the front of the phone and is held in place by two magnets on the right hand side of the case. The flap itself has two hinges along the side, so you can flip it up to expose the screen or fold it entirely around the back of the phone to get the cover out of the way altogether.

Kavaj Dallas Case

Out back, the Dallas features two pockets that are the perfect size to accommodate something credit- or ID-card sized, so you can carry a couple cards, folded currency, etc. The pockets are diagonally slanted, which makes retrieving cards easier, as more of the card’s surface area is exposed.


Kavaj’s emphasis for iDevice cases is slim protection, and the Dallas meets that goal admirably. It offers full screen and back coverage and also covers a majority of the iPhone’s edges, though there are cutouts at all four corners. The iPhone 5’s construction offers improved drop resistance over previous models, so Kavaj’s design strikes a good balance between form and function. The Dallas covers the power/sleep button as well as the volume rocker, so Kavaj has stamped representations of those buttons onto the leather for easier location. The pockets are snug enough to securely hold your cards, so you could easily downsize from a wallet to just your phone and not worry about losing anything.

Kavaj Dallas Case

In addition to protecting your iPhone, Kavaj has made a commitment to environmental protection as well. As members of 1% For the Planet, they donate 1% of their revenue to support environmental protection efforts. If you like supporting environmental causes, you can combine iPhone protection and planet protection in one purchase!

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Kavaj Dallas case for iPhone 5 review

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Provides: iPhone 5 protection
Developer: Kavaj
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $29.90
Availability: Now

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