[Rumor] Online video shows iOS 7 running on an iPad

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Apple’s iOS 7 beta is now in the hands of developers, but only for the iPhone and iPod Touch; the iPad version is yet to be seen. On Tuesday, however, a new YouTube video of what is claimed to be iOS 7 running on an iPad began making the rounds. The video’s legitimacy has been called into question, although the features appear to be scaled to the iPad screen size and match accordingly with existing features of iOS 7.

For example, when the Control Center is pulled up on the iPad, the flashlight is not there. This is because the iPad does not have a flash component in the hardware, so it makes sense that a flashlight option does not exist in Control Center.

The video does a very good job of showing what iOS 7 would look like on the iPad. It was uploaded by Russian YouTube user Rozetked, who claims that he is running iOS 7 “alpha” on his iPad. He has not provided any details as to how he acquired the iPad version of iOS 7 or how he managed to install it.

Apple may release the iPad version in the beta stage, after it uses suggestions from developers who are currently testing iOS 7 to identify and fix major issues. Usually, the iPhone and iPad version are the same except for the fact that the iPad version is larger. As a result, Apple could be fixing issues on the iPad after they are identified on the iPhone version. This would make for an easier release and would free up developers who don’t have to focus on testing multiple devices.

The video demonstrates several iOS 7 features on the iPad, including Notification Center, Control Center, Music, Videos and the 2X app mode for running iPhone apps on the iPad. It is very likely that as the second beta is released and the timeframe for the final GM release gets closer, that there will be many more leaked images and videos.

Via [MacRumors]

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