AppleTell’s surprising iOS game find of E3 2013: Icycle: On Thin Ice

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This marks the second year in the a row that one of my favorite iOS games from E3 came from Chillingo via EA’s Mobile Suite. Least year, the game was the The Act, an adventure about a rather meek man trying to win over the love of his live. This year, it’s Icycle: On Thin Ice, a platformer about a man named Dennis trying to survive the frozen apocalypse and find his way to his true love with nothing more than his bicycle, hat, and scarf.

Literally, nothing more than that. Dude’s naked. Because if you’re going to place the post-apocalyptic fate of humanity in the hands of anyone, it may as well be the naked fellow on the bicycle.


Icycle is the iOS version of the popular Flash-based game from British developer Damp Gnat. There’s a lot more to it than what you get from the Flash-based game, however. The visuals, for one, are even more stylized, with a large array of colors and textures bringing the frozen world to life. The art style will change as the game progresses, and even features a couple levels dedicated entirely to works of René Magritte.

The landscape is in motion, too, shifting up and down and splitting apart to both catch you off guard and to open up access to new areas. You’ll need that access to gather all the ice cubes and bonus items you can on each level.


The bonus items help you reach areas you couldn’t have previously, so even after you’ve completed the game there’s still be plenty for completists to do.

Unlike the Flash game, Icycle: On Thin Ice allows you to move backwards, making for more challenging levels. You’ll be moving up, too, and floating down in order to avoid hazards and traps. You’ll move through crumbling caverns, collapsing buildings, and plenty more throughout the game.


I was able to sample a wide array of levels during my demo, and whereas the game was always challenging, it was also always quite charming. You feel bad for naked Dennis. You want to help him survive. You want to help him find love. You want to help him get some pants.

Icycle will be available this summer for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We’ll keep an eye on its development for you, and let you know more as the details are announced. In the meantime, be sure to check out our full E3 2013 coverage.

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