I-MEGO Walker Junior noise-canceling headphones review

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As a frequent flyer and daily commuter, I’m the perfect candidate for noise-canceling headphones. So, you can imagine my joy when the I-MEGO Walker Junior noise canceling headphones found their way to my cubicle. I have to admit, I’ve felt left out around my office since all my coworkers sport cool headphones, but I think with these bad boys decorating my ears I’ll be inducted into the cool headphones club.

Wearing the I-MEGO Noise-Canceling Walker Jr. Headphones.

Wearing the I-MEGO Noise-Canceling Walker Jr. Headphones.

Designed to Move

I-MEGO Walker JuniorThe Walker Junior headphones have a tri-fold design which makes them easily foldable and portable, and they are therefore a truly perfect travel accessory.

Often, “travel” headphones are poor quality and really aren’t that comfortable (and we all know that on those long flights, every comfort makes a difference).

The Walker Junior headphones don’t sacrifice these characteristics to create their travel headphones, and for that I am thankful. I kept the headphones on for the entire duration of the Postal Service album, and my ears never tired. I always strayed away from more “high-tech” headphones because my ears can’t handle the weight, but that was not the case with these thanks to the comfort foam and soft ear pads.

The set-up is simple enough. Pop in a battery, plug in the cord, and turn them on. Although, if you’re like me and you always put the battery in the wrong way, you might struggle with these at first since it’s a little difficult to get the battery out.

The design itself has a nice, modern edge to it. The left and right headphones have big Xs on them, so hopefully my little sister will get the hint that I do not want to be disturbed while I’m wearing them.

I-Mego Walker Junior Headphones

Noise Out, Music In

Of course, my favorite element to the Walker Junior headphones is the noise-canceling itself. There’s a built-in mic on each side, which allows the headphones to detect noise and adjust your audio to give the listener an interruption-free experience. And it’s super effective! I can usually hear when someone stops by my cubicle to say hi, but while wearing these I was startled to turn around and see my coworker behind me trying to get my attention. So there’s your evidence right there.

I was content with the audio and I played a wide variety of music through my iPhone to make sure it truly passed the test. From Kanye West to the Shins to Gershwin, my music all sounded better. In fact, I’m sure it’s how the musicians intended it to sound. The audio was crisp, and the bass was strong but not overwhelming.

The Details

The headphones cost $139.99 and they come with the following:

  • Active Noise-Canceling Travel Headphones
  • 1/4″ (6.3mm) Adaptor
  • 2-prong Airplane Audio Adaptor
  • One AAA Battery
  • Detatchable 4ft (1.2m) 3.5mm cable
  • Soft Travel Pouch

My Verdict

Go I-MEGO! (See what I did there?) The price of the I-MEGO Walker Junior noise canceling headphones is worth the benefits of an enjoyable listening experience. And your fellow commuters will thank you when you’re in your zen traveling state.

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I-MEGO Walker Junior headphones review

Buy the I-MEGO Walker Junior noise canceling headphones

Provides: Noise canceling stereo audio playback
Developer: I-MEGO
Minimum Requirements: Any audio device with 1/8 stereo jack
Price: $139.99
Availability: Now

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