Virgin Mobile USA will carry the iPhone 5 with 4G LTE and without any contracts

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Virgin Mobile

The pre-paid carrier Virgin Mobile USA has revealed their plans to add Apple’s iPhone 5 to their network of no-contract cellphone service plans. The carrier has very inexpensive cellphone plans that kicks off at $35 per month, and all of the plans includes unlimited 3G/4G LTE data and messaging, talk-time minutes.

Virgin Mobile’s unlimited Beyond Talk plans comes in different price packages:

  • For $35 dollars a month users will enjoy 300 talk-time minutes with unlimited data and messaging.
  • Signing-up to the $50 dollars a month plan will get you unlimited minutes, data and messaging.
  • New customers who add a cell service data plan with Virgin Mobile will enjoy an extra savings of $5 every month discount on their monthly bill for those who enrolls in automatic payments.

Virgin Mobile USA announced that the iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE, and the ability to use FaceTime on their network. They also promise great network coverage throughout the nation.

The iPhone 5 will start selling through Virgin Mobile on June 28th. The 16 GB model will be available in black or white for $549.99, with the 32 GB model priced at $649.99 and the iPhone 5 64 GB model at $749.99.

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