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Obviously, by virtue of its title, Pilot Brothers 2 is the sequel to the interactive puzzle game Pilot Brothers. If you’re a fan of the original, you’ll be pleased with this new game.

pilot brothers 2

If you’re like me and have not played the first game, you should still give Pilot Brothers 2 a shot. You might like it, especially if you’re into touch-based puzzle games.

What is it?

As mentioned, Pilot Brothers 2 is an interactive puzzle game. The premise of the game is that our two protagonists—Brother Chief and Brother Colleague—have a new case to solve. Their cat, Arsenic, was kidnapped by the antagonist, Experimental Chef Sumo. Your task as the Pilot Brothers is to solve a series of puzzles to reconstruct a composite of the catnapper’s face throught help of the witness. The Pilot Brothers will go through their new adventures via these puzzles, which include slipping past ticket collectors at the railway station, driving a railroad handcar, as well as chasing train to get back Arsenic and stop the bad guy.

pilot brothers 2

The game’s grainy artwork characterizes the overall look and feel of the game. It’s very different from other G5 games you’ve probably played before, which I found pretty interesting.

How does it work?

As soon as you start the game, you’ll be confronted with puzzles one after the other. Solving the puzzles means tapping on objects and using them to go through particular sequence through which your characters need to pass. There are clues to help you get out of difficult situations as well as a movie clip icon that shows you the order by which you can solve a particular puzzle. Believe me, during the initial stages of the game, you’ll find that these movie clips are very helpful to progress. pilot brothers 2 If you opt to play the clip to solve a puzzle, you must re-enact it exactly by tapping objects and the correct characters in the correct sequence. Once all the steps are carried out, you’ll move on with the game.

Is it addictive?

We’ve played and review several puzzle games from G5, and Pilot Brothers 2 is one of the most difficult among their titles. Difficult as it is, Pilot Brothers 2 is still a pretty entertaining and interesting game. Fans of interactive puzzle games will find Pilot Brothers 2 pretty addictive.

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