Siri’s name pronunciation improves in iOS 7 beta 2

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SiriApple released iOS 7 beta 2 yesterday, with improvements for Siri, a new Welcome screen, Voice Memos app, and iCloud fixes. Siri was one of the key improvements of the latest beta, receiving speed enhancements and the ability to switch between male and female voices. Soon after Apple released beta 2, users noticed that iOS 7 allowed them to teach Siri how to pronounce names.

After launching Siri, users can simply same “Pronounce [Speak Name]”, which then prompts Siri to ask the user their first name and last name. After the user says the name, Siri will then give two or more options for the pronunciation of the name and users can choose the one that is the best match. After testing it out, however, I noticed Siri wasn’t saving my name properly and instead kept pronouncing it incorrectly. I also tried with several other contacts without luck.

I’m not sure if this just an issue with beta 2 or if there is some other way to save the name, but for right now, the best way to have Siri say your name properly is to spell it phonetically under the “Nickname” section under contacts. When Apple does fix any remaining issues with this feature, it will make the service much more usable. Siri was very limited in the past, but bcause it can now control lots of settings and communicate more naturally, saying names properly is very important.

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