Apple expands “Designed by Apple in California” ad campaign with double-page print ad

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designed by apple in california

With the introduction of iOS 7 and a number of other products at WWDC 2013, Apple kicked off its “Designed by Apple in California” ad campaign. The campaign focuses on how Apple is enriching the lives of customers through the different aspects of development and design that go into making a product. All of the ads attempts to reach out to the sentimental side of customers and show the products being used in everyday life.

The ads all end with the same “Designed by Apple in California” tagline. With this new ad campaign, Apple has moved away from the old style of ads which showed the iPhone being used against a solitary white backdrop. The Cupertino company has also been moving towards print ads, especially after winning the prestigious Grand Prix for Press award earlier this month for its iPad and iPad mini ad campaign in various publications.

The latest ad is an extension of “Designed by Apple in California,” and is a double-page print ad, showing a jogger with an iOS device strapped to his arm. The ad contains text similar to that of the TV ads, and ends with the same tag line. Apple is expected to continue expanding this ad campaign as it is getting good consumer feedback.

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