Photo of rumored iPhone 5S displays on production line surfaces online

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As an announcement date for the iPhone 5S gets closer, more information about the device is beginning to leak. The latest is a photo of a claimed iPhone 5S display on a production line. The displays are white in this photo, and appear to be nearly identical to the iPhone 5. The images were originally posted by Chinese site Sina Weibo, and clearly show the redesigned flex cables for the iPhone 5S. As seen before, in older leaked images, one flex cable is placed horizontally while the other is placed vertically. In the iPhone 5, both are placed horizontally.

This minor change would suggest the 5S will likely be very similar to the iPhone 5, but with a few changes. Some of the changes seen in leaked images include a new A-series chip–likely an A7–as well as a dual LED flash, a larger battery, and perhaps even a fingerprint sensor, although that hasn’t been spotted in the wild yet. If legit, this image is very important to the announcement and release of the iPhone 5S because it was taken on a assembly line. This suggests Apple is already mass-producing the iPhone 5 displays, and likely the rear shell as well.

As a result, the iPhone 5S may appear earlier than the rumored September timeframe. Earlier this year, there were rumors that Apple was looking to make this the first “S” iPhone to receive a redesign. However, based on leaked images, parts, and rumors from analysts, it looks like the iPhone 5S will look very similar to the iPhone 5. Apple is reportedly working on a low-cost iPhone as well, which may suggest the overlap in rumors such as a redesign, plastic parts etc.

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