A lesson learned; installing iOS 7 on your main device

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When Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote finished, I was as happy as any other Apple customer with the big changes Apple showed us for iOS. After Apple opened the gates to the Apple Dev Center for developers to grab their iOS 7 beta 1 files, I downloaded the beta for my iPod touch and my iPhone 4S. Though the beta worked fine on my devices, that hasn’t been the case for all developers.

After installing beta 1 and beta 2 on his iPhone 4, a developer friend of mine decided there were just too many bugs and performance issues in iOS 7 to be using it on his daily driver. He uses his iPhone 4S for all of his calls, and for email, social networking and his daily alarm clock.

As a result, he restored his iPhone back to iOS 6 and attempted to sync a previous backup to his iPhone. When he tried this, a message popped up in iTunes saying the software on his device was too old for the backup file. He and I are not sure how this happened, but it appears iOS 7 rewrote his iOS 6 backup when he connected, because his iTunes automatically backs up devices when they are connected. After many attempts to fix this issue, he ultimately lost all of the photos he had taken but got his contacts back through iCloud.

[As a side note, if you use an iPhone or iPod touch as your daily device and you like a speedy and bug free OS, running beta softwareon it is not the wisest choice. iOS 7 is not a finished product yet, obviously, and Apple does warn all developers of this before they install the beta.]

I am not sure if this back up issue is widespread, although there have been reports that some developers are forgetting to back up prior to installing and, as a result, are left with a clean version of iOS 6.1.3 or iOS 6.1.4. This means they must once again sync all music, apps, photos (if all of them are not deleted during the restore process) and reset all settings. iOS 7 is still in beta 2, meaning there are several more betas to go before the GM seed and the final release. The next public release has been speculated upon, with some sites suggesting a release date of July 10th. This is about two weeks after the latest beta 2 release, which is the normal amount of time that passes between beta releases by Apple.

Are you seeing any major issues with iOS 7? What are you doing to fix them?

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  • Mark Byrn

    There’s a reason that Apple only releases iOS betas to it’s developers, and developers are generally smart enough not to use betas on their primary devices or if they do, they know better than to publicly complain when something goes wrong. If a developer had installed iOS 7 on their primary device, they would at least been intelligent enough to save the last iOS 6 created backup and if reversion was needed, restored using that backup. However, Apple officially states that devices updated to iOS beta can not be restored to earlier versions of iOS. You should be writing that these people are idiots and tough luck to them.

  • tina

    I did the update from ios beta 1 ios beta 2 and it seems to be worse bug wise. i will be glad when the actual ios 7 comes out in the fall

  • sandifop

    An observation: Early beta releases should be a clean install. Many I have spoken to who tried to update/install had awful issues.