AppleTell’s cool finds at CE Week 2013

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Look, up in New York! Is it Macworld? Is it CES? No, it’s CE Week! AppleTell’s here previewing a whole host of gadgety goodness—everything from iDevice accessories to headphones to car technology. There’s a host of audio gear from likes of Klipsch and Kenwood, while Chevrolet and Lexus are showing off car tech. The event is targeted at the broader consumer electronics market, but there are several companies who are launching on Apple devices specifically. Our cool finds include:

  • Lumenplay: Although they’re still in the process of launching, Lumenplay’s iPhone-controlled smart LED lights are cool (both to the touch and in a more metaphorical “ooh, ahh” sense). The string lights come with a companion iOS app that lets you choose a color pattern, motion, and music effects, and it does it wirelessly! Insert obligatory cliché about the company’s future being bright, but also be sure to check out their Crowd Supply funding page and pledge if you’re interested. They’re scheduled to ship in time for Christmas decorating.


  • ōlloclip: You should know by now that we at AppleTell are fans of the ōlloclip, and for good reason. The iPhone is arguably the most popular camera in the world, and serious photogs know you gotta have gear. ōlloclip is adding a 2x telephoto and Circular Polarizer (CPL) filter to their lineup, providing gorgeous optical zoom and enhanced photographic options.
  • Qardio: There’s a basic rule in IT which states that something is too complicated if it fails the Mom Test. Hand a gadget to your mother, and if she can’t figure out how to use it without a tech support call, it’s too complicated for general usage (Steve Jobs had this nailed). Qardio is bringing this level of simplicity to healthcare devices, with a portable EKG called QardioCore and a portable blood pressure monitor called QardioArm. Both utilize dead-simple Bluetooth 4.0 so the setup is simple and foolproof, and both offer tracking options including a cloud-based storage that lets you easily keep a history of your blood pressure and heart activity. Both devices keep track of your history and apply some proprietary processing to help you and your doctor keep tabs on your heart health.


  • inNuevo: Looking for all the world like an eMate 300 (one of my all time favorite Apple devices), inNuevo’s Dockr is a 6-in-one accessory that combines a case, an external battery, stereo speakers, a USB charging port, a keyboard holder, portrait/landscape stand, and a case for your iPad. Made of tough polycarbonate it’s sure to stand up to abuse, which makes it perfect for traveling and use by kids. With Apple signaling the return of color in iOS 7, device manufacturers might want to look at inNuevo’s design aesthetic for inspiration!


Stay tuned here at AppleTell for more articles on cool stuff we find, and follow our Twitter feed for live photos of the event as it happens.

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