Rumor: Photo of iPhone 5S battery on production line surfaces

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iphone 5s battery

Earlier this week, a supposed image of the rumored iPhone 5S on a production line was released by Chinese site Sina Weibo. Now, more images of iPhone 5S parts are beginning to surface. Another image—this time released by French site (Google translation)—shows what appears to be trays of iPhone 5S batteries on the production line. A battery in prototype from December 2012 appears to match those seen on the production line earlier today, with the iPhone 5 battery containing 5.45 Whr and 1440 mAh compared to the 5S’ 5.92 Whr and 1560 mAh.

This is approximately an 8% increase in battery capacity, which is a lot when considering the depth of the device. If legit, the batteries on the rumored iPhone 5S are likely prototypes as they do not have any markings, indicating Apple is still working on completing the production.

Apple has been trying to improve the battery life in all of its products as the devices change to include more features. During the WWDC 2013 keynote, Apple released a new Macbook Air with a longer 9 hour battery life. This was increased from the 5 hours seen on previous models. Battery life on the iPhone has been a concern since Apple introduced 3G networking and the App Store in 2008.

With the iPhone 5S and its improved battery, Apple will be able to show customers it can innovate in other fields besides design and software. It is unclear what other features will differentiate the iPhone 5S from the current 5, but if the device and its parts are now on the production line, it is very likely the iPhone 5S is nearing completion. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5S during the September timeframe with an updated camera, a larger capacity battery, and perhaps even a fingerprint sensor.

Via [MacRumors]

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