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Anchor by Tomfoolery

The workplace can be an ecosystem all its own. Even here at the mythical AppleTell Towers, some of us gather around the coffee maker, others at the local pub or one of those 5K things people do, and some in my office to see what’s up for review this week. Looking to tap into these workplace connections, Tomfoolery has released Anchor—a social platform designed to build better connections with your coworkers.

Anchor is built around teams. Company employees can create individual social circles around work events, lunch ideas, work out groups…even jokes about their boss. With Anchor, you can:

  • Share whatyou’re doing, any way you want. Post updates with photos, links, locations, articles, and tag people to tell the whole story.
  • Chat 1:1 or in your teams to make sure the conversation moves as quickly as your thoughts do.
  • Create teams around projects, topics, events, or anything else you care about. Use them to connect with people you work with whether they are in your company or elsewhere.
  • Keep up with all your conversations, teams, projects and topics through the Activity Feed.
  • Access phone numbers, emails, profiles and posts for all your coworkers.

Just don’t do that gift collection thing. It’s annoying.

Anchor is available for free for a limited time, so grab it now for iPhone and iPod touch. A Web app is also available, and Android and Google Glass versions will launch in the coming weeks.

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