Apple to reportedly release iOS 7 beta 3 on Monday, July 8th

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iOS 7 beta 2

After several sites began cover iOS 7 beta release dates based on previous iOS releases, a final and very possible date has been reported. According to BGR, Apple will release the third beta of iOS 7 on Monday, July 8th. The second beta was released earlier this week with several bug fixes and enhancements. This rumored release date suggests Apple is sticking to its two week period between beta releases, and will likely increase this to 3 to 4 weeks as the betas get closer to the GM seed. The GM seed is typically released to developers several weeks prior to the final public release.

Apple has previously used a similar beta testing interval of two weeks, although it’s possible they will change up this cycle with iOS 7. This is because iOS has never seen a major redesign and developers have never needed to test a whole new OS on their devices. If the July 8th release date for IOS 7 beta 3 turns out to be accurate, it may point to a faster release schedule for iOS betas. This is likely because iOS 7 has many more glitches, including random crashes, springboard resets, and overall issues with third-party apps. There is no doubt that most of these issues will be fixed by the time Apple releases the final version to the public around September.

Currently, developers are urged not to run iOS 7 on their daily devices. However, as the betas improve, it is possible developers will be able to install on their main devices without too many issues. iOS 7 is expected to arrive on the week of September 20th, likely alongside new iPhone hardware and possibly even new iPods.

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