Celebrate our independence from robots with AppleTell’s Bad Bots giveaway

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Bad Bots

Independence Day is just ahead here in America, meaning we’re either about to celebrate our freedom from those crazy Brits and their whole taxation without representation thing, or we’re about to watch an overblown Will Smith movie that was fun when it was released but really doesn’t hold up well at all.

Either way, AppleTell is celebrating with the fine folks at indiePub by giving away not one, not two, but…wait, no it is two copies of Bad Bots. Because nothing screams freedom like being trapped on an interstellar cargo ship overrun by robots bent on killing you and destroying the Earth.


As Sam McRae, last surviving member of the “Titan Hauler” crew, you must hack and blast your way through an onslaught of truly bad ‘bots to find a way to prevent a potential planet-destroying catastrophe. The mystery of what happened to everyone while you were in cryostasis unfolds around you as you wade through the bodies of your fallen shipmates, unloading round after round into your relentless automaton attackers.

For more details on the game (including system requirements), you can check out Steam or read AppleTell’s Bad Bots review. For more details on how to win, just keep reading.

Bad Bots

We’re going to keep it nice and simple, as always. For your free Bad Bots Steam code (a $9.99 value), simply comment below to tell us your favorite robot. Could be fictional, could be real, should be Jet Jaguar, but chances are not everyone’s going to pick him. We’ll stop accepting entries at midnight PDT on July 3rd, and will randomly select a winner on July 4th.

The second Steam code will be given away this week on our Twitter account. Simply follow us on Twitter, and when we release the code, be the first to use it on Steam and it’s yours.

Good luck, and have happy 4th!

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  • Kevin

    A bit of nostalgia for RoboCop!

  • Bob VanLonkhuyzen

    Gotta go with Data from Star Trek.

  • David Marsch

    Maximilian from the black hole

  • Jer

    Ash from Alien 😀

  • Matt

    I STILL think Deckard from Blade Runner is a Replicant… But to play safe, let’s say Rachel, who is definitely among the hottest robots.