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It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that all abandoned houses are haunted, right? They have to be, or at least I prefer they be. I’d rather think my neighbors had to move because the restless spirits that remained there were all the time making the walls bleed and were stacking chairs in their kitchen than because they couldn’t make the mortgage payment.

The abandoned house in Eyes – The Horror Game is very much haunted. You can tell this from all the eyes all over the walls, the wails of distress, and…well, from that ghost that’s trying to kill you.

Eyes - The Horror Game

But there are bags to be retrieved, and how hard can it be to avoid a ghost with a habit of banging plates together?

What is it?

Eyes – The Horror Game is a survival horror game, provided your ability to run and hide proves successful . You have no weapons, after all; no method of fighting back. If the ghost catches you, you die, so your ability to survive centers around your memory of the house’s hallways and rooms and your ability to find cover when necessary.

Eyes - The Horror Game

If you can do that, you can collect the bags hidden throughout the house and get out alive. If you can’t, you can try again.

How does it work?

This is a game you very much want to play at night. With headphones. And with the lights off. In fact, you really don’t have a choice about the light thing, because the rooms and hallways of this haunted house are very dark, despite the obligatory flashlight. The game almost forces you to play it in the dark, which adds to the atmosphere. And speaking of that, Eyes – The Horror Game makes excellent use of audio effects to add to its overall creepiness. Considering many of these effects are used to signal the proximity of the game’s ghost, you’ll come to be more frightened of them than of the ghost itself.

Eyes - The Horror Game

You move about with your standard touchscreen virtual controls. It’s awkward, and can be very frustrating when you’re trying to escape the ghost and can’t seem to get the perfect alignment needed in order to run through a door. Although you can study the ghost’s movements to determine when to move where, it often pops up when you don’t expect it (of course), forcing you to run for your life. The more you play, the easier this becomes because you get a better feel for the controls and for the layout of the house.

Although Eyes does offer replay value by hiding the bags in different locations, the layout of the house never changes. After playing a few times, you should be able to get in, grab the bags and dart back out without much trouble.

Is it contagious?

I’m not so sure I’d call Eyes – The Horror Game contagious any more so than I’d call your typical haunted whatever at Halloween to be contagious. Go through the local haunted schoolhouse or jail once or twice, and you generally get them figured out. But the first few hours you spend with Eyes are tremendously creepy and very fun if you’re looking for a good scare. It’s certainly worth the $0.99 cents you’ll pay for it, and there are no in-app purchases that’d otherwise rob you of the full experience.

So, whether you’re looking for a good scare or just a bunch of bags that aren’t actually your property, Eyes – The Horror Game is an easy recommendation.

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