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Similar to Kickstarter, Crowd Supply is a crowdfunding site that lets individuals pledge towards new products and ideas. Unlike Kickstarter, Crowd Supply provides fulfillment services, helping entrepreneurs spend more time on their innovations and less time on stock keeping and shipping services. At the recent CE Week 2013 line shows, AppleTell discovered Lumenplay, a company launching on Crowd Supply that promises to deliver a strand of LED bulbs you control from your iPhone.

It’s every bit as cool as it sounds.


Seriously, who leaves their Christmas lights up all year long? College students, fancy restaurants, and those who society judges too lazy to take the lights down. But what if you could leave a strand of lights up and have people want to be at your house to see them? Lumenplay’s easy-to-control lights works with a great iPhone app to let you set a mood, show your team spirit, celebrate a holiday, or just have a funky light show to accompany your currently-playing music tracks.



The Lumenplay lights themselves are small LED lights with interchangeable bulb covers. Pretty standard, actually, though the bulb covers come in a faceted variety for holiday decorations, stars for a special twinkling feeling, globe lights to evoke the mood of a parisian café, or even custom-printed circular bulb covers sporting your company, team, or school’s logo. The company even plans to offer a USB adapter and battery pack so you can pack these lights and head out doors, or use your vehicle’s power to run them (perfect for tailgating or romantic camping).



You can connect up to 17 strands to make one 340-foot set, and you can control up to seven sets per iPhone. That’s 3,570 individual lights controlled from the palm of your hand!


Without question, the Lumenplay app is what makes this strand of lights special. Unlike existing strand lights that let you choose from a couple preprogrammed effects, the app connects to the lights via Bluetooth, or you can add an optional Ethernet adapter and use a web browser to control the light show. What exactly can you control? The Lumenplay app gives you control over:

  • Individual Bulbs – Control the brightness and color, using either a preprogrammed color or the custom color picker. Wedding planners will love the ability they’ll have to precisely match event lighting to the bride’s color scheme, while sports lovers can make a strand that displays their team’s colors. Got a graduate? Cue up the school colors! You can even modify the brightness of individual bulbs, so if one color is overpowering the rest you can dial back those bulbs, or lower the overall brightness to create subtle effects.


  • Effects – You can choose from 10 different effects, including solid color, fades, twinkles, and stacking. Set the speed anywhere from frenetic dance party fast to subtly slow shifting, and control the direction.
  • Rock on – Using your iPhone’s music you can direct a light show that pulses in time to your beats. Set which colors you want, the intensity, and control the music playback all from within the app.

Pledging Levels

Lumenplay’s shipping date is November 1st, in time for holiday decorating (though you’ll likely want to leave these lights up year round). Pledge levels start as low as $5, which earns you good karma, and top out at $3,372, which earns you the Christmas Show Kit (to deck out your mansion) as a pledge gift. The Lumenplay comes in 10 and 20 foot lengths, and the pledge rewards feature various combinations of these strands. Highlights include:

  • 10′ Starter Strand: one 10 foot strand with 15 bulbs. $54 for early birds, $59 regular.
  • The Tailgater Kit: one 10 foot and one 20 foot strand, perfect for decking out your tailgate party at $140.
  • Deck/Patio Kit: one 10 foot, two 20 foot, and two 20 foot extension kits (50 feet in all), enough to do the railing of your deck, patio, or patio umbrella for the perfect outdoor getaway. This package is $356.

Head over to Lumenplay’s Crowd Supply page to get all the details on the lights, the app, and the pledge levels. Having seen these in person, I can say they’re every bit as cool as the expensive, customized light displays you see in retail stores, but without the big price tag or custom hardware control panel. Lumenplay’s app is simple to use, and the lights work just as easily as a normal strand of decorative lights. Be sure to think creatively about how to use these lights, because they can do so much more than just hang forgotten on a gutter for 11 months out of the year!

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  • Margo Melton

    Question: I just want to understand. You can add multiple strings of lights to just one lumenplay app-enabled lights set?

  • Aaron Kraus


    Thanks for reading! Unfortunately, the Lumenplay story has changed significantly after the company’s launch back at CE Week in 2013. The app is now used to control lights sold by a company called S4 Lights, which does sell strands of Lumenplay-controlled lights that appear to have end-to-end connectors. I have not had any experience with them, so I can’t confirm this functionality exists.

    Best of luck,
    ~Aaron K