Best Buy will sell the Pebble watch in volume starting this week

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Pebble watch

Best Buy will become the first retailer to sell the Pebble smart watch in volume. Pebble started off as a basic KickStarter campaign, and eventually got so many pledges it was able to produce the smart watches by the thousands. Pebble received many orders for the black and red versions of its watches through its website, much more than the small startup could handle.

Pebble watchBest Buy added the black version of the Pebble smart watch to its online store, and is also reportedly going to add the red version soon. Currently, it is only selling the black version and is only selling the Pebble watch online. It will sell in stores likely after Pebble restocks the watches following online sales. Best Buy is likely carrying the black version because the red version may cost Pebble more to produce or because it has more stock of the black model. Best Buy will begin selling the Pebble smart watches via its online store on July 7th.

Pebble’s latest deal with Best Buy is interesting because it shows consumers do want wearable gadgets, particularly on the wrist. Nike has seen success with its FuelBand, which provides data on how much a person has walked and allows him/her to set goals. Apple has been rumored to be developing its own smart watch with a curved glass display, and likely Internet connected apps that draw information from the iPhone via Bluetooth.

If Apple is able to produce such a device successfully and include some of the features seen on the FuelBand and the Pebble, then they might have another successful product line on their hands. I have already heard some people passing on the Pebble because they want to wait for Apple’s rumored “iWatch.” However, until Apple does release one, the Pebble is the best smart watch in the market.

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