Apple nearing Apple TV deal with Time Warner Cable

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According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is nearing a deal with Time Warner Cable to bring television programs to Apple TV. If the deal is completed, Apple TV users will have access to cable channels via their device and will be able to stream television shows directly onto their television sets. It’s an interesting idea, as Apple is rumored to be working on a television set of its own. If Apple completes a deal with Time Warner Cable, then they will be able to secure other deals with the company in the near future.

Apple and Time Warner Cable have yet to comment on the agreement (if they even enter one), and have yet to announce what channels will be included on Apple TV. Currently, Time Warner Cable’s iOS app allows users to stream live channels directly to their iPad and iPhone. The iOS app requires users to have an existing subscription, which means Apple TV may function the same way. During the AllThingsD conference last, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that TV was an “area of interest for Apple” and also stated earlier this year. “When you look at the TV experience, it’s not an experience that I think very many people love. It’s not one that has been brought up to date for this decade. It’s still an experience much like 10 years ago or 20 years ago.”

It wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Apple went ahead and introduced an Apple television set and, at the same time, removed the Apple TV device from their product lineup. However, that does seem a long way off, especially if they are still signing deals with cable companies such as Time Warner and are still adding to  the number of streaming services available to Apple TV users, including WatchESPN, HBO GO, Netflix, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and even YouTube.

Via [Bloomberg]

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