KEMCO RPG Machine Knight now defending iOS

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Machine Knight

On the way from one meeting to the next at E3 2013, I happened across KEMCO’s booth along a back aisle. It was one of those moments where I see the artwork from their games and think, “I wonder if they support Apple products.” Ends up they do—quite prolifically, in fact—via a slew of iPhone and iPad apps, mostly of the JRPG variety. The latest is Machine Knight, which is now on sale for $2.99.

KEMCO describes the game like this:

For the sake of his world, a young man named Frain traveled to another. However he was betrayed by his own people. Threatened by his own world, oppressed in the new world where he was trapped, lonely and hurt. But two heroines reached out their hands to this young man, and the story went on. What’s is the truth behind the betrayal? Can Frain return to his world? What will happen between Frain and the two heroines?

Interaction with the two heroines—Bell and Aulin—is one of the more interesting elements, as the story will require you to pick one. Another unique twist is the “Machina Board” system through which you learn various jobs and skills, create weapons from the materials you’ve collected, accept sub quests, and take on extra dungeons.

Machine Knight

Some extra dungeons and more powerful weapons are available via in-app purchase, but KEMCO states that you won’t need to spend additional money in order to complete the game.

Machine Knight is rated 9+ for infrequent/mild cartoon or fantasy violence, and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (not optimized for iPad). Normally, $6.99, the game is currently on sale for $2.99. For more information, visit

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